About Us

About Familyworks, Inc.

FamilyWorks, Inc. is a not-for-profit Treatment Foster Care (TFC) program licensed and certified by the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department to license, train and support Treatment Foster Parents and treat children ages 4 through 18 who are placed in their homes. TFC provides around the clock, seven days a week clinical supervision/on-call, therapy, and case management services for emotional and behaviorally disturbed children.

About Our Treatment Foster Care Staff

The Director, a Masters-level, licensed professional, provides supervision for the treatment staff to maintain clinical standards of care in our program. The Director organizes the training and licensing process for all new TFC parents and provides monthly training and support for the TFC parents.

Our Placement Coordinator, along with the Director, carefully matches each client assessed for placement with a prospective TFC family to ensure that all significant treatment concerns are addressed and reviewed with the TFC family.

The Treatment Coordinators, under supervision of the Director, work one-on-one with their clients/families and the TFC parents to develop the treatment plan, organize monthly treatment review meetings and facilitate ongoing problem-solving efforts to maintain the client’s placement without disruption.

Family Works has Masters-level Therapists who meet weekly with the clients, and as often as possible, with that client’s biological family to assist in developing better communication and coping skills that support and stabilize these primary relationships. The Therapists work with the treatment coordinators to develop effective behavioral interventions and is a member of the treatment team.

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